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March 2,2018

The lantern festival is the last day of the ChineseNew Year celebration, This day is for the last moment for setting fireworks thelast excuse for eating a big feast and the last chance for family gettingtogether before the "Nian"celebrationare over.

EatingYuan Xiao, Yuan Xiao is the special food for the Lantern Festival it is a kindof sweet dumpling ,which is made with sticky rice flour filled with sweetstuffing ,it is very easy to cook ,simply dump them in a pot of boiling waterfor a few minutes.

Guessing Lantern Riddles, is an essential partof the festival Lantern owner write riddles on a piece of paper and post themon the canterns, if visitors have solution to lantern owners to check theiranswer if they are right they will get a little gift.